Why this Calgary artist has devoted her life to painting the stories of war brides. Read More

Leah Collins, CBC Arts, November 13

War bride paintings shine light on ‘amazing bunch of women’ Read more

Paul Waldie, The Globe and Mail, November 8, 2018

Video of Bev on how she started painting war brides

Canadian artist brings WWII war brides home with exhibit at London museum.
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Brenna Engel, CBC News, Nov 08, 2018

Second World War bride portraits capture ‘strength, frailty’ of women who left home for love.  Read more

By SHERYL UBELACKER, The Canadian Press, Nov. 8, 2018

Bev Tosh on “Sweetheart Wings: Flyboys and War Brides”  Watch Video

Trinity Lodge on Nov. 17, 2018

War Brides:
new portrait exhibition

The Royal Air Force Museum is hosting an exhibition of portraits by artist Bev Tosh, sharing the stories of second world war brides. Although discouraged by the military, tens of thousands of locals married foreign nationals on active duty; couples met on air bases, in queues, hospitals and air-raid shelters. Bev Tosh is the daughter of a Royal New Zealand Air Force pilot and his Canadian war bride.
RAF Museum, London
4 Oct 2018 – 15 Sep 2019 to be Missed PDF

Artist Bev Tosh says her series of over 150 paintings of war brides started with a larger-than-life portrait of her mother. Tosh says the collection – currently showing at the RAF museum in London — has become “extremely powerful.” Video provided by The Canadian Press. National Newswatch Video

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Enbridge partners with the Alberta College of Art + Design

Under the Enbridge Emerging Artist + Designer sponsorship with ACAD, they are proud to present the Enbridge Alumni Professional Development Award annually to one ACAD alumnus.

This year, the $5,000 award is being presented to Beverley Tosh, who received her Masters of Fine Art in Painting from the University of Calgary in 1987, graduated with Distinction from Alberta College of Art + Design (Painting, 1985) and taught at ACAD from 1988-2002.

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Just in time for Mother’s Day, ArtBeat hears from Calgarian artist Bev Tosh about her exhibit War Brides: One Way Passage. The work is inspired by the stories of hundreds of women who travelled oceans and borders to follow their new husbands after World War II, including Bev’s own mother Dorothy. War Brides: One Way Passage is at the Red Deer Museum and Gallery until August 4.

Produced by Megan Clark
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Bev-Tosh-Hettys-Lily-1945Calgary Artist Captures the Stories of Canada’s War Brides
Original Air Date: Monday, February 11, 2013
Bev Tosh explains how the phenomenon of war brides has inspired her art.
Alberta Prime Time Video

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Art exhibit tells war brides’ stories
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